Treatment begins with a diagnosis

Medical Imaging Center MLADOST

Medical Imaging Center MLADOST works with referrals from the Health Insurance Fund and paid examinations, including:

  • check-mark-1Radiographs (X-rays)
  • check-mark-1Computed tomography
  • check-mark-1Mammography
  • check-mark-1Ultrasound
  • check-mark-1Sectoral dental images
  • check-mark-12D and 3D dental examinations (Orthopantomography-panoramic images; Caries diagnostics-Bitewing; Cephalometric radiography-teleradiography; Dental computed tomography-3D scan of the jaws; Root treatment package-3D scan + Control Sector images)

The center has a printer for X-ray plates with the highest resolution achievable in dry printing – 508 dpi. Without losing information value, this class of devices prints the most detailed imaging studies in medicine:
– CT
– mammography

The center operates on the territory of the largest medical complex for pre-hospital care in Bulgaria – Mladost. The complex is built on an area of over 11,000 square meters in the eponymous region of Varna and on its territory work hundreds of specialized medical practices in the full range of human medicine, including over 40 dental offices. The complex also has three specialized hospitals – Gynecology, Pediatrics and Cardiology.

The center started operating in 2004, when it put into operation the first X-ray in one of the largest districts of Varna – Mladost, with a population of 90,000 people. Since then, the structure has been constantly updated with new equipment and services. As early as 2014, the Center was digitized and the X-ray of a disk becomes an accessible reality for thousands of Varna residents.

The center has the following equipment:

    • check-mark-1Computed tomography Somatom go.Now, Siemens
    • check-mark-1Digital mammogram MAMMOMAT Fusion, Siemens
    • check-mark-1Dental 3D scanner Hyperion X9 Pro, MyRay
    • check-mark-1Digital X-ray for Sectoral dental images RXDC, MyRay
    • check-mark-1X-ray system for scopic examinations Siregraph C, Siemens
    • check-mark-1X-ray system for graphic research Multix U Tridoros, Siemens
    • check-mark-1Dry printer for X-ray plates DryStar AXYS, AGFA
    • check-mark-1Esaote ultrasound

Medical Imaging Center MLADOST

With a team of 15 people and an area of over 500 square meters, the Center is one of the largest units for imaging diagnostics in pre-hospital care in Varna and Northeastern Bulgaria. The working hours are tailored to the needs of patients, who can be examined every working day, without exception, in the interval from 8:00 to 18:00. For their convenience, a separate Registry has been built, which is being prepared health documentation, pre-bookings are made and information is received on the range of research and services. The registration is available by phone and online, and if necessary, patients contact directly the specialists in the units of diagnostic imaging.

The location of the Center is extremely convenient for patients from other regions, as the boulevard “Republic” is accessible from the first traffic light after the entrance to the city of Varna through the highway “Hemus”. This avoids heavy city traffic and unnecessary waste of time. For the needs of the medical complex there are several parking lots with a total of 350 parking spaces. In the immediate vicinity, again on Republika Blvd., is the largest and newest Mall in the city – Delta Planet Mall, which is a good alternative for accompanying patients undergoing time-consuming research.


  • check-mark-1The most modern equipment in Eastern Bulgaria
  • check-mark-1High quality of services
  • check-mark-1Electronic file
  • check-mark-1Convenient location
  • check-mark-1Adjacent parking
  • check-mark-1Access for people with disabilities
  • check-mark-1Comfortable atmosphere
  • check-mark-1Personal attitude
  • check-mark-1Competitive prices
  • check-mark-1Preferences for loyal patients
  • check-mark-1Works with the Health Insurance Fund