2D and 3D


Computed tomography Somatom go.Now, Siemens

SOMATOM go.Now is a representative of the latest generation of computer tomographs of the world leader in the field of medical equipment – Siemens.

The device uses artificial intelligence in selecting modes for research. Autonomous algorithms take into account the personal anthropology of each patient and eliminate the risk of setting the wrong parameters, which could worsen the quality of research.

The device achieves twice lower radiation levels than the previous generation of devices, while maintaining the high resolution of the three-dimensional image. This is achieved through innovative filtering, which stops unnecessary low-energy spectrum and skips only the one involved in image generation.

SOMATOM go.Now applies special technology to reduce glare from implants, artificial joints and pacemakers.

The device is equipped with dual-energy research technology, which opens a whole new page in the diagnostic capabilities of computed tomography. Thanks to these regimens, it is possible to qualitatively and quantitatively study specific deposits in the body, which are associated with some of the most common and painful chronic diseases. The scanner is the only one in Northeastern Bulgaria that allows to study:

  • kidney stones – determination of quality composition, diameter and hardness
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • uric acid crystal deposits in gout
Digital mammogram MAMMOMAT Fusion, Siemens

MAMMOMAT Fusion is the latest generation of digital mammography from the world leader in medical equipment – Siemens. The device introduces new standards in terms of of the precision of digital mammograms. The system has been in production recently and Varna is only the third city in Bulgaria, apart from Sofia and Pleven, to have one.

Dental 3D scanner Hyperion X9 Pro, MyRay

The Italian company MyRay is known and preferred among dentists in Bulgaria. The latest addition to its product range is the Hyperion X9 Pro dental 3D scanner. This is a state-of-the-art CBCT device (conical-beam computed tomography) that offers the best of 3D technology, a wide range of 2D examinations and cephalometric images. The scanner automatically identifies the patient’s anthropology, adjusts exposure settings and all parameters to ensure an accurate X-ray image.

Hyperion X9 Pro works with the best clinical software, allowing high-speed data processing, access to a rich implant simulation library and the ability to export data in DICOM format.

What makes Hyperion X9 Pro better?

  • check-mark-1Бързо сканиране в режими 2D и 3D – от 6 до 26 секунди
  • check-mark-1Extremely low radiation dose
  • check-mark-1Maximum comfort when positioning the patient
  • check-mark-1Multi-layer panoramic images (MultiPAN)
  • check-mark-1The latest 3D sensor with a range of up to 10 x 8 cm.
  • check-mark-1Resolution of 100 µm / pixel and 75 µm / voxel
  • check-mark-1Improved cephalometric technology (Smart CEPH)
  • check-mark-1A set of 41 diagnostic 2D programs
  • check-mark-1New modes – ORTHO, HD and QUICKPAN + Quadrants
  • check-mark-1SuperHD image quality now for both TMT and ENT
X-ray machine for intraoral dental images RXDC eXTend Wireless , MyRay

The RXDC digital X-ray machine provides:

  • check-mark-1Minimal radiation – thanks to the high-frequency X-ray generator of RXDC, the radiation dose is significantly reduced compared to traditional X-ray machines
  • check-mark-1Parallelism – an elongated tube , part of which is embedded in the X-ray head. This achieves up to 30 cm distance of the X-ray source, which provides clearer and more detailed images with minimal radiation.
  • check-mark-1Automatic mode – fully automatic selection of the appropriate combination of kV and mA settings, depending on the patient’s height and tooth location.
  • check-mark-1Safety – The fast dynamic duty cycle allows the temperature of the pipe to be kept under constant control and there are no interruptions due to overheating of the pipe, even when repeated use is required.
  • check-mark-1High quality image – the camera has a built- in self- balancing system, which reduces the risk of vibration of the X-ray head during shooting.
X-ray system for scopic examinations Siregraph C, Siemens

Radioscopy (or fluoroscopy) is a dynamic study in which the X-ray machine continuously emits rays and can assess in real time the work of the lungs, the condition of the digestive and excretory systems and more. For a clearer depiction of the examined organ, it is necessary to take a contrast agent (barium sulfate) in the form of a special slurry. The SIEMENS Siregraph C Spirographic X-ray Machine provides:

  • check-mark-1Minimum levels of radiation during the study
  • check-mark-1High image quality
  • check-mark-1Movement of the table to an angle of 90 degrees to depict the movement of the contrast material in the studied organ

The test result is obtained on paper together with 3 images on CD or X-ray plate.

X-ray system for graphic research Multix U Tridoros, Siemens

X-ray system Multix U performs the full range of radiographs and fully meets European health standards.

The system is digitized and the images are received on digital media. The device provides:

  • check-mark-1High image quality
  • check-mark-1Low radiation dose
  • check-mark-1Convenient patient positioning thanks to the movable mass of the device and the wide range of motion of the X-ray tube
  • check-mark-1Stable construction, allowing examination of patients weighing up to 300 kg.
Dry printer for X-ray plates DryStar AXYS

DryStar AXYS of the world leader AGFA is the most modern dry printer for X-ray plates.

The printer provides:

  • check-mark-1the highest resolution for dry printing – 508 dpi
  • check-mark-1possibility to print plates up to 35×42 cm.
  • check-mark-1speed – less than 60 seconds to print
  • check-mark-1care for nature – without harmful chemicals in the development of plaques

Without losing information value, this class of devices prints the most detailed imaging studies in medicine:

  • check-mark-1CT
  • check-mark-1nuclear magnetic resonance
  • check-mark-1mammography